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Shatter by Elite Elevation

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What is shatter?
Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate by using extraction and solvents. The appearance of shatter is usually translucent. However, the colouring can range from a bright honey-like amber to a darker yellow shade similar to olive oil. Throughout the years, shatter has gain popularity among cannabis users because of its glassy texture and high THC potency.

DISCLAIMER: **As the warm weather approaches, please order concentrates and edibles such as shatter, gummies, baked goods and chocolates at your own risk as it may melt during transit. Since we have no control over the conditions during transit or delivery, please understand that we are not responsible for melted products. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your continued support.**


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3 reviews for Shatter by Elite Elevation

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The texture is very sticky on cellophane and a bit hard to work with I plan on putting in the fridge a bit before
    However the fruity taste is excellent as is the purity, the price is decent and so is the potency good so would repurchase
    If the consistency doesn’t bother you then I would recommend this brand for shatter

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Kinda really hard to work with this shatter. It’s extremely glassy making it almost impossible to pick up anything without it bursting into a million pieces. My only solution has been by having remaining BHO on my dabber to kinda act as a “glue” to pick up this stuff.

    It’s a great taste, but the texture is completely killing it for me. I’m probably going to lose half of my shatter because it’s in so many pieces.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing dabs for the price. Very potent. The texture was very crumbly. Threw it in a few joints and was in relaxation mode.

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Cannabis has both medicinal and recreational benefits. Medicinally it is most famous for relieving pain, stress, and insomnia. It may also improve mood and appetite. Every strain has a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile, which leads to distinctive therapeutic value and experiential effects. For those looking for a recreational experience, look for strains with THC — the only known cannabinoid with psychotropic effects.










What are Concentrates?

The term ‘concentrate’ describes a condensed cannabis product, which has typically gone through an extraction process using solvents. While cannabis flowers can reach upwards of 25 percent cannabinoid content, concentrates can reach over 90 percent potency. Depending on the extraction technique, concentrates may capture a full spectrum of therapeutic compounds or single out specific cannabinoids. A concentrate is the essence of the plant, distilled into a beautiful and effective medicine.

Where to Start? Shatters, Sugars, and Sauces

The extraction technique and original plant material have a lot to do with the color, texture, and potency of the final product. Need a few examples? Shatters are snappy, bright, and extremely potent. Sugars are crystallized, highly textured, and usually cloudy. Sauces (also called terp sauce) have a thinner consistency, with a higher flavor profile thanks to the terpene content. Waxes and budders are thicker, spreadable, and opaque. Everyone has a preference, and it’s well worth a little experimentation as you fall in love with these highly potent products.

The Concentrate Experience

Cannabis concentrates reduce the raw plant material into a more condensed and powerful product. The sensations of a concentrate will mimic that of the original strain, only amplified. But remember, when it comes to cannabis concentrates with high levels of THC, the experience can be a strong one. These THC-rich products deliver potent therapeutic results, suitable for patients with a high tolerance to the intoxicating effects. We always recommend to take it slow and steady with new cannabis products, especially in the concentrate category.

Powerful and Pure, Just the Way You Want It

In our opinion, concentrates should contain all the beneficial compounds from the original strain, and nothing else. That means clean, simple, and pure products with no lingering chemicals from the extraction process. Our supplies deliver products free from heavy metals, pesticides, petrochemicals, and other contaminants.