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https://www.reddit.com/r/CanadianMOMs/comments /deafn/q4_2019_review_and_picture_me gathread/
Please follow these review rules if you are going to post on Reddit as we will not be accepting any entries that do not follow the guidelines for each of the communities. Here are some review ideas you can use.

You could give ratings out of 10 for each as a ‘title,’ or use any title you choose.

 MOM name (Use 2 stars ** before and after the name to make it bold)

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• Incentivized for leaving a review?: (Yes/No)

Or on r/mompics (https://www.reddit.com/r/MOMpics/)

1. Rule #1: Title format not followed
The title format should be as follows:
[Strain] – [MOM] – [month ordered]

2. Rule #2: No self-promotion / self-posts by MOMs

3. Rule #3: Cannabis/Marijuana only! No pictures of anything other than cannabis flower or derivatives.

4. No direct links / no sales!
No direct links / no sales! This subreddit is strictly for reviews & pictures only. No sourcing, sales or links.

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