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5 Things You Should Do While High On Cannabis

Getting high has never been more rewarding and stress-free than it is while you’re enjoying the benefits of cannabis. Whether you’re a casual beginner or an experienced smoker, here are 5 things you should do while high on weed.

Eat Healthy

If you’re getting high, you might as well get healthy, right? While you’re high, you’ll have the bandwidth to focus on thoughts other than what foods are lurking in the fridge. So, take advantage of that time and focus on what you’re putting in your body. If you’re eating unhealthy while high, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. So, when you’re high, try to make healthier and more nutritious choices.


Exercising while high on marijuana may seem like a crazy idea, but it’s actually a great way to feel better and reduce stress. Many marijuana users find that exercising releases stress and tension that they normally experience. If you’re looking to exercise while high, you should focus on activities that you enjoy while remaining safe. You may want to try something that isn’t particularly risky like dancing, or something that’s more challenging like hiking. You should also avoid exercises that require you to be highly focused like weightlifting. If you’re looking to exercise while high, you may want to try yoga or something more physically demanding like hiking or cycling. Exercise can increase your levels of endorphins, which can make you feel happier and reduce

Get Creative

As your mind becomes more relaxed and your inhibitions are reduced, you may find that you get creative while high on weed. This is the perfect time to try new things, or explore things that you’ve always wanted to do. Whether you want to paint, write poetry, or create art, there are a lot of creative things you can do while high on weed. If you’re looking to try something new while high, you may want to look for activities that don’t require a lot of focus. Activities like going to a play or musical, singing or trying a pottery class may be a great way to try something new while high.

Take A Trip To The Beach Or Forest

There’s something about getting high and heading to the beach or to the forest that’s just infinitely appealing. The lighting in the forest will feel like something out of a fairy tale, and the sounds of the beach will make you feel at peace with the world. And while you’re high, you’ll have the ability to take in all of these things. You might even be more likely to stop and smell the flowers. Getting high while traveling can help you see things with a more open, curious mindset.

Spend Time With Friends and Family

Spending time with friends and family is a perfect activity to enjoy while high on weed. Not only will it help you get to know them better, it will help relieve stress and improve your social skills. If your friends are busy, try making new friends. Cannabis helps with stress and anxiety, therefore making it easier to strike up a conversation with people.


There are many different activities that you can do while high on weed. Getting high can be rewarding and enlightening, but it all depends on how you approach it. The best thing to do is to experiment and find activities that you would like to try. This can help you get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Getting high can help you to see things in an open, curious way, so make the most out of it! Check out BCMedichronic.co online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.


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